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Bakery and Pastry

Brands We Represent

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Excellent frozen fruit for professionals, from central France. Options include whole frozen fruits, fruit purees, fruit coulis and bake stable, 100% natural fruit puree and frozen organic fruits. The company also produces the Bonne Maman range of fruit jams and conserves.
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With more than 100 years of tradition, Switzerland’s Felchlin makes excellent eating chocolate and biscuits, plus an outstanding chocolate product line for professional chefs including ready-to-use coatings, gianduja, natural chocolate fillings, and decorations.
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La Rose Noire
Fine Swiss-style chocolates, premium tart shells, cones, artisan breads, frozen cakes, sweet pastries, savory puff pastry, gluten-free options - La Rose Noire has grown from one patisserie shop to a global leader supplying over 500 bakery products to 50 countries around the world.
Authentic Malaysian Street Food, Finger foods, Snacks and Pastry, pre-prepared and frozen for authentic taste and convenience. As much as possible PA Food products are made with no artificial preservatives, and no artificial colorings and flavorings.
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PA Food
Martin’s Potato Rolls are called “America’s favorite Burger Bun” because of their extraordinary sweet taste, quality and eating experiences. The sweet, buttery taste, marshmallow soft texture, and distinctive golden color make the Martin’s Potato Roll an instant favorite.
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