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Launched in 1997, silky-smooth My Cafe Latte presents Ready-To-Drink coffee in a clever 220ml cup-to-go package for on-the-go cafe refreshment. Made by the trusted Korean food brand Maeil, the range of popular tea and coffee latte flavors includes My Cafe Latte Mild, My Cafe Latte Low Sugar, My Cafe Latte Caramel Macchiato, My Cafe Latte Nutty Cappuccino and My Cafe Latte Jeju Green Tea.
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Volvic non-carbonated natural mineral water is created naturally by rainwater filtering through six layers of volcanic rock in the district of Auvergne, in central France. This clean and natural environment is protected by law, to preserve the natural cleanliness of the region’s mineral waters.
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Évian non-carbonated mineral water comes from Évian-les-Bains, on the shore of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Famous for its clean taste and fashionable image, Evian has a long history of eco-awareness. The brand’s goal is to be 100% circular by 2025, making all bottles from 100% recycled plastic.
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Slightly effervescent Ferrarelle is the preferred water of Italian families. It starts in the mountains of Southern Italy and, after a long underground journey down the slopes of a volcano, the water springs forth from the only cold geyser in Europe - the geyser of Riardo Springs Park. A miracle of nature, Ferrarelle water is a perfect balance of healthy minerals and 100% natural microbubbles.

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