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Experts in French duck foie gras, delivered fresh or frozen, Maison Alain FRANCOIS ensure consistently excellent quality by monitoring every step. Ducks are reared on their own farms, and hand-processed to give whole, deveined or sliced foie gras, plus fresh or frozen duck products including duck breast, legs and inner fillets.
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One of the oldest and most-respected foie gras producers in France, Feyel has been supplying duck delicacies for over 200 years. As well as duck rillettes and sliced or whole foie gras, Feyel also supply frozen duck cuts to suit professional chefs, including their popular frozen duck leg confit, pre-cooked for convenience.
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A network of “truffle hunters” in Italy gather Geofoods wild white truffles and black truffles for gourmands and chefs. Geofoods also innovate truffle products, such as preserved, sliced truffles and top-quality truffle oils, formulated for kitchen professionals.
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Kaluga Queen
Kaluga Queen caviar is served by Lufthansa airlines and 21 of the 26 Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris. An international leader in caviar due to its excellent quality and sustainable aquaculture methods, Kaluga Queen raises sturgeon in icy lakes in northeastern Zhejiang, to make a range of caviars including Crossbreed Caviar, famed for huge roe diameters of over 3.0 mm.
A meat processing and export business with decades of proven performance at the highest level, the Australian Meat Group has the connections to source specific kinds of beef to suit customer requirements; including organic beef, grain fed beef, grass fed beef and beef guaranteed free from antibiotics and hormones.
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Australian Meat Group
Dutch veal is often considered the best in the world. Ekro veal is produced by co-operative farmers in Holland, who raise especially tender veal using a milk- feeding program. The veal calves consume only milk for 150 days, giving juicy meat with a wonderful light pink color and exceptional taste.
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Leaders in the prime steak business since 1920, Greater Omaha is in the Midwest United States, with access to the world’s largest supply of premium Angus and Hereford beef cattle. This matters, because only 3 out of 100 cows can deliver a Prime Grade steak. Greater Omaha ensures quality by processing everything in their own facility, with no outside vendors or no extra steps. The result is consistently excellent US
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Greater Omaha
Mayura Station Wagyu beef is produced with superior quality and full traceability in mind. Japanese black-haired Wagyu cattle are raised and grain-fed on Mayura Station farm in South Australia, for a minimum of 500 days. The result is supremely tender Wagyu beef, free from antibiotics and growth hormones.
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Mayura Station
Tajima cattle are the most famous of Wagyu cattle, originating from the Hyogo prefecture in Japan. Tajima cattle are smaller and grow more slowly, so only a limited amount of Tajima beef is available. This premium range of grain fed wagyu beef is prized by chefs because it is so excellent, with a large eye muscle and superior melt-in-the-mouth fat marbling.
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Tajima Australian Grainfed Wagyu
Premium cuts of chilled and frozen lamb from Australia, only sourced from farms on the east coast, with open, lush, green pastureland - the perfect conditions to raise quality lamb, free of growth hormones.
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Thomas Foods
Every cut of Rosedale Ruby beef comes from the farm’s own herd of award-winning, prime Angus Charolais cattle. These cattle are fed only natural grains and fresh spring water, from a natural well on the farm.  Completely hormone and chemical free, the beef has the finest flavor, tenderness, marbling and nutrition.
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Rosedale Ruby
Founded in 1985, Perak Duck Food Industries is now a world leader in raising and processing duck, offering fresh and frozen whole duck and duck parts. The company also supplies processed duck, smoked and roasted duck and duck parts, all raised from chicks to be fully traceable and produced to the highest hygiene standards.
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Perak Duck

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