The Singapore Story

Indoguna Singapore starts its business.
Indoguna Singapore purchases a Senoko property with production and cold storage facilities.
Indoguna Singapore purchases the adjacent property and increases its production capacity and cold storage facilities.
Indoguna Singapore purchases its 3rd property, which now houses a state-of-the-art production plant with cold storage facilities, reaching 5,500 square meters.
Indoguna Singapore becomes a part of FOODSERVICE APME.
Celebrates 28 years of the world’s best produce, supplying the world’s finest food across the island.

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Now FOODSERVICE APME is one united company in six countries, so we’ve launched a new company e-newsletter. Online every quarter, our e-newsletter shares company updates and business innovations from our offices and partners in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. Fresh ideas and collaboration are at the heart of our food service business, and our e-newsletter is just one example of how we’re adding value to every day. Colleagues, partners and customers are welcome to send contributions or ideas to

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Indoguna Corporate Video

We are pleased to present our latest corporate video that showcases the journey Indoguna has taken over the past two decades.

We continue to invest in improving our services, sourcing the finest produce and anchoring ourselves as a trusted partner. Whilst the past months have been challenging, not just for the Company but for everyone in the world, it’s given us the opportunity to understand our partners better and build for the long-term.

We will come back bigger and stronger, always ensuring ONLY THE BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH!

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